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The House of Innovation

The “house of innovation” is a model with which holistic innovation management can be realized in practice, and in a manner that is appropriate to the respective organization to boot.

In a dynamic business environment, it is difficult to successfully pursue innovations and bring them to market. This can lead to companies not being able to fully implement their innovation strategy. It is not only volatile times that have led to a shift to a holistic view of innovation management. In recent years, this development has led to a move away from a singular view of innovation management.


  • House of Innovation: An approach for holistic innovation management
  • Success Story: Strategic innovation management at KOB
  • Self-assessment: Are you practicing modern innovation management?
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: Make the most important management decision
  • Conclusion: Innovation management must befit the organization

The first step that leads to holistic innovation management

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