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Establishing holistic innovation management

Holistic innovation management involves numerous departments within an operation. The House of Innovation model not only offers a simple overview of this, but also illustrates the dependencies of the different elements and shows which screws you need to press to enhance your innovative strength.

Companies often don't yet have a holistic view of innovation management. That is why there is a multi-stage model for creating a House of Innovation. In the first step, previous innovation activities are analyzed to produce an initial understanding for innovation within the company. The analysis covers all four building blocks of the House of Innovation – strategy, process and methods, structure, and culture of innovation After this follows an evaluation of the results using an innovation scorecard, which uses a traffic light system to show where a lot of action is required and in which departments the company is already well set up for all building blocks of the House of Innovation.

This download provides you with guidance on how to create space for innovation.



  • A definition of holistic innovation management
  • What is the House of Innovation?
  • The four phases of holistic innovation management
  • Seven advantages of the House of Innovation
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