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Innovation Webinar. Develop breakthrough innovations of tomorrow with the LEAD user method.

There are many fantastic ideas. Genuine innovations are only those that succeed on the market. With the LEAD User Method every company can develop its next successful product. And evaluate, so that the flop risk is reduced.

This succeeds if you find the right experts and bring them into the team: first and foremost the users.

How to develop innovations with breakthrough potential thanks to the LEAD User Method will be explained in this webinar on 20th of April 2021, 3 pm (Europe/Berlin)

Our Expert:

Julian Eberling neu

Julian Eberling_Senior Innovation Manager

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Definition LEAD User Method

The LEAD User Method was developed by Professor Eric von Hippel at MIT, the Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachussetts, USA, in the 1980s. It turns out that these innovative activities are not randomly distributed, but are focused on a certain group of particularly advanced users, customers (LEAD users).

Goal of the LEAD User Method

The aim of the LEAD User Method, which follows the approach of Open Innovation, is to develop products, processes, services or business models that are particularly close to the market and customer-oriented as well as geared to the end user.

Advantages of the LEAD User Method

The LEAD User Method ensures that the know-how and commitment of your own employees and external experts are used for the innovation project. Advantages are an intensive exchange with trend leading users, customers and persons from analogous industries, or the prevention of the "not invented here" syndrome: Employees prevent innovations because they were not developed in their own company.

Content of the webinar - Develop breakthrough innovations of tomorrow with the LEAD User Method.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • what the LEAD User Method is,

  • what a LEAD user actually is,

  • how the method works in 4 phases,

  • how to involve experts from analog industries and

  • how you can develop business plan-ready specifications.


Who should attend this webinar?

Our webinar is aimed at persons who

  • would like to continue their education in innovation management,
  • are looking for new methods of innovation,
  • should develop a strategy for innovation projects,
  • are responsible for creating breakthrough innovations,
  • are curious.

This Webinar is held with GoTo Meeting.

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