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Innovation Webinar. Service Design.

Do you want to improve or redesign your services and involve LEAD users whose knowledge and experience your project can benefit from?

With Service Design you can achieve innovations in 5 steps with consideration of the users.

How you can best involve your customers in the process of designing services and processes of all kinds will be explained in this webinar on 3rd of December 2020 at 4 p.m. CET (Europe/Berlin).

Your Speaker: 

Julian Eberling

Julian EBERLING_Innovation Manager

Targeted improvement and design of services

Definition Service Design

Service design is the process of designing services and processes of all kinds in which customers are involved. The aim of Service Design is to create a unique customer experience, making interactions as easy as possible for the customer and giving them a good feeling.

Where does service design begin?

Service design begins with the customer's need, then begins after the initial contact with a company, continues through the information phase to a product. The aim of service design is to create a unique customer experience and make interactions of all kinds as easy as possible for the customer. In addition to improving a service around a product, completely new, independent and revolutionary new services can also be created.

In 4 steps to radically new things

The first phase is about understanding the needs and problems of users through interviews and observations. In a second phase, the problems and needs within the search field are defined and prioritized. The LEAD user profiles are then created from analog fields and from the target market. In phase 3, LEAD users will be identified and invited to a conference lasting several days. In phase 4, new concepts will be developed at the conference together with members of the project team and LEAD users. In a final step, the new concepts and service prototypes will be tested and improved until they meet with a very good response.

Content of the Webinar - Service Design.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • what Service Design is,

  • how you can map your service design in detail,

  • how you can work with Service Design Blueprint,

  • what are the advantages of service design and

  • how to turn customers into real fans through enthusiasm.


Who should attend this webinar?

Our webinar is aimed at persons who

  • would like to continue their education in innovation management,

  • are looking for new methods of innovation,

  • should draw up a strategy for innovation projects,

  • are responsible for creating breakthrough innovations,

  • are curious.


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