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Innovation Webinar. Roadmapping Method: How to plan your innovations of tomorrow.

For many companies, the big challenge is: What will happen in 5 years? What do we have to develop? How does our company have to change in order to survive the competition?

The answer is simple: strategic innovation management.

Different methods and tools help you to make your company fit for the future and to be able to take a secure path into the future.

In this webinar on June 22st, 2021, 3 pm UTC +2(Amsterdam/Berlin) we will explain how you can use the Roadmapping method to plan your innovations of tomorrow.



Jannik Böckenholt_ Innovation Manager

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Role of innovation history

An innovation pedigree helps you to recognize patterns. Especially if you consider not only successes but also flops in your innovation history. You can then reconstruct the paths that led to successful new developments or failures. Patterns can always be derived from the history of your successes or failures. If you also apply these patterns to your future innovation activities, then you minimize the risk of flops.

Trends & Roadmapping

A roadmap shows your innovation management the important stages and the way to get there, including the time schedule. To get to your roadmap, you need two things: Your innovation pedigree, which shows which developments you have been successful with in the market in the past. The future in turn covers your individual trend universe, which you have linked to the timeline. It shows you important developments as well as the point in time when they actually become relevant for your business.


Strategic search fields

The roadmap is such a central instrument for your innovation management because you can derive search fields from it. Search fields are clearly defined areas within which you can search for novelties. Because there it is worthwhile for your company to invent something new. A search field often results from the combination of innovation past and future. Especially if you don't want to focus your innovation management only on the expiration of patents, new developments of competitors or upcoming regulations.

Content of the webinar - Roadmapping Methode: How to plan your innovations of tomorrow.

In this webinar you will learn,

  • what strategic innovation management means,

  • what role your own innovation history plays,

  • how to work with trends and the roadmapping method,

  • how to derive strategic search fields,

  • more about Best Practice.


Who should attend this webinar?

Our webinar is aimed at persons who

  • would like to continue their education in innovation management,

  • are looking for new methods of innovation,

  • should develop a strategy for innovation projects,

  • are responsible for creating breakthrough innovations,

  • are curious.


Duration: 45 minutes

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