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Innovation Webinar. New Business Development.

You want to develop new business models from the position of your strength, can take money and resources in your hands and are aware of the risk of a possible failure?

With New Business Development, you will reach radically new things in the 4 steps of understanding, generating ideas, developing and testing.

In this webinar on the 15th of July 2020 at 3 pm. CET (Berlin/Europe), we will explain how this type of innovation can generate profits in a previously unknown market.



Julian EBERLING_Innovation Manager

Carlos Bello

Carlos BELLO_Director of Innovation

Innovation Webinar New Business Development

Definition New Business Development

New Business Development is the most complex and risky way to generate new revenue. It should be possible to generate profits with a new product or service and a new business model in a previously unknown market.

Type of innovation with the highest degree of novelty

What is special about the innovation type New Business Development is that it is the innovation type with the highest degree of novelty. While in business model innovation or market innovation as well as in classic product and process innovation at least one area remains unchanged and thus forms a "secure bank", in New Business Development everything is new: the product or service, the underlying processes, the business model and the market as well as the customers.

4 steps to radically new

In step 1, you explore and understand the target markets and select a customer segment for phase 2 on the basis of the insights gained, "Generate & further develop ideas". In this step you identify LEAD users, progressive users, creative minds from the respective customer segment. In Phase 3, products with minimal functions "5 Minimal Viable Products" will be developed and business models developed in a LEAD User Conference using various creativity techniques. The result is 3 pretotypes that can be tested directly in the market in the next phase 4.

Content of the Webinar - New Business Development.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • what New Business Development is,

  • how to map New Business Development organizationally in practice,

  • which 4 phases New Business Development consists of,

  • what is special about this type of innovation, and

  • what you have to watch out for.


Who should attend this webinar?

Our webinar is aimed at persons who

  • would like to further their education in innovation management,

  • are looking for new methods of innovation,

  • develop a strategy for innovation projects,

  • are responsible for creating breakthrough innovations,

  • are curious.


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