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Would you like to bring your needs into the early development phase of a product or service and thus actively shape an innovation?

Would you like to generate ideas at a LEAD User Conference with renowned experts from related fields?

You have many ideas in your core competencies, but cannot implement them alone?


Then apply as a LEAD User.

Every year, we hold several LEAD User Conferences with companies from a wide variety of industries and are looking for experts from various fields who can actively contribute ideas and help shaping the future.

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LEAD User Network


LEAD Users are progressive users or inventors and pioneers in their field who feel the need before they reach the masses. LEAD Users benefit particularly from innovation because they are dissatisfied with the existing products or processes on the market and they therefore benefit greatly from a new product, a new development, an innovation. Often they create their own prototypes and solutions out of a necessary need.

Aim of the LEAD User Method

The aim of this method, which follows the approach of Open Innovation, is to develop products, processes, services or business models that are particularly close to the market, customer-oriented and geared to the end user.

More about LEAD Innovation

Learn more about LEAD Innovation - how we use our toolbox of innovation methods to individually help each company structure, plan, develop and market innovations.

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LEAD User Conferences

A LEAD User Conference brings together experts from three different fields: the innovation team of the company with the predefined problem, LEAD Users from the target market (users of the products/services) and LEAD Users from analogue areas. In a two or three-day conference, innovative concepts are created using various creativity techniques. LEAD Innovation will be the moderator of the workshop. The LEAD User Conferences usually take place in a large European city. The travel and accommodation will be organized by LEAD Innovation for you and the costs will be covered.

With the application we include your competences in our database. If a project matches your competencies, we will contact you and present the project to you in a short telephone call. If the project is interesting for you, we will discuss further steps.

Please fill in the form and be a LEAD User at the next conference!

Please fill in the form and be a LEAD User at the next conference!

Apply as LEAD User